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St Jude Steel (Iron) Boat Building

Welcome to St Jude Steel Boats, operated business specializing in steel boat construction.
St Jude House Boat Builders is dedicated to producing high-quality boats that meet each owner’s individual needs.
Our clients become part of the family. We work closely with them through the entire construction process- from dream to reality.
we has a reputation for being a fair, honest, and dependable builder. We guarantee our workmanship through every stage of construction.
We incorporate our knowledge, skill, and expertise into the entire construction process.
Our company offers an array of possibilities in customizing your boat. We pride ourselves on quality, professional workmanship, and the very best service possible.

Our Team
We are  one of the principal founders of  Steel House  Boats, began the boat building career in 1998 and metal boat construction in 2011. Over the past fifteen years of hands-on construction we constructed hundreds of steel and wood vessels of all sizes including House boats and motor boats.

 During the 15 year tenure  we have worked with some excellent architects, almost too many to speak of individually. Each architect has brought to this yard a different technique, a new perspective to design, and most of all, a creativity that makes each project unique. Below are the names and websites of just a few architects that have supported our company and helped us achieve great success in the marine industry.

Construction Crew
With a construction crew of highly trained and experienced welders and fitters, we have the distinct ability to construct a wide variety of vessels from commercial to pleasure yachts. All of our employees are longstanding and therefore they bring a vast knowledge of construction ability to the work area. Teamwork is a priority at our sites and our employees are rewarded for their dedication

Starting a new project is always exciting especially for the boat owner. The boat yard has finalized the contract, resolved issues with the construction drawings, and the computer company is beginning the cutting process. Phone calls are being made, e-mails are popping back and forth, all the while making sure all the pieces of this large puzzle are being cut correctly. Then the day arrives for the truck (or trucks) to roll into the yard with the materials. The steel company has first sandblasted the material, primed it with a weldable primer, and cut and loaded it for its trip to our yard.

The boat owner gets the first call that their "baby" has arrived and several men, along with forklift and crane, quickly unload it. Three hours later, the truck leaves and the crew is left with a million pieces (well, not really that many!) to start putting the boat together. Once all the pieces are organized, CONSTRUCTION BEGINS. And that's just the beginning of a long, but wonderful, process.
While questions do arise during construction of the hull and superstructure, many of the concerns are worked out while doing the computer work. This leaves the client and the builder time to plan other phases of construction to keep the project on schedule. While metal work is being done, our clients begin to meet with our team including the interior crew, electricians, painters, and the mechanics. Many ideas are worked out during these meetings and a well laid out plan means fewer complications during installation.

Once construction is nearing completion, launch plans are made. A date is set, preparations are made, and the entire crew along with the client(s), feel the anticipation in the air. See the Completion/Launch page for the GRAND FINALE.

Interior Works
We have  a carpentry team that will enhance our excellent metal work.
Woodworks’ reputation brought them to St Jude  Steel Boats. Having heard through the industry of their exquisite workmanship, we quickly realized they would be a great asset to the team.

St Jude BuildersBoats also provides interior designers and decorators ready to assist the client with their soft furnishings including blinds, window décor, bedding, and interior and exterior cushions. With the interior addition to our team,is ready to complete your vessel keeping your individual taste in mind.

When the big day arrives and the boat is ready for launching, we find it is the most exciting time for both the client and our employees. Months of hard work are paying off and the boat is getting ready for christening and the "big splash."

About a month before the vessel is ready, the owner and staff begin making final preparations for the launch date. Last minute emergency equipment is purchased, additional fenders are ordered, and lines and chain begin to go on board.

Once the boat launches, representatives from the engine and generator companies, and the owner take the vessel for lake trials to ensure that the equipment is properly installed and running efficiently. Many times the architect on the project is invited and delightfully accepts the opportunity to make the first sea trial with the crew.

The boat then leaves for its home port and it becomes bittersweet to see it go. However, our employees know that once it leaves, another new boat will be started. Then the building process starts all over again!

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